Voting by mail 

Who can vote by mail

  • Voters who cannot make it to the polling place on election day for any of the following reasons: Personal or business travel
  • Attendance at college, university or other place of education or training
  • Illness, injury or other medical reasons, immobility due to age or physical disability
  • Incarceration or detention in jail or home 
  • Uniformed service member, spouse or dependent or an overseas voter
  • Employment hours or distance which makes voting at your polling place impossible 
  • I am required to live temporarily outside my county of residence
  • Unable to vote during the period of early voting or on Election Day
  • Polling place in inaccessible to me due to my physical disability

How the vote-by-mail process works

  • You may call the Voter Registration Office and request an Absentee Ballot.  
  • If you qualify we will mail you the application. 
  • Complete the application and return it to the Voters Office by mail or by hand.
  • Upon receiving your ballot it is updated in our Voter Registration system.
  • Ballot is placed in a locked ballot box until Election Day.
  • Election Day your ballot is tabulated with all election  ballots.

Request a ballot by mail

  • You may call the Mercer County Voters office at 304-487-8338 or 304-487-8339
  • You may mail a request to the Mercer County Voters Office at 1501 Main Street, Princeton WV 24740

View the West Virginia vote-by-mail (absentee ballot) application.

What's on the ballot

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